Your Personal Data at Plume

In relation to data collection, we gather only the information provided by a teacher during sign-up, as well as the students’ learning data. Data is only collected if it contributes to aiding students in their learning and assists teachers in their roles. We are committed to complete transparency regarding the collection and utilization of school, student, and teacher data. Teachers are responsible for accepting this privacy policy on behalf of underage students. It is their obligation to relay this policy to parents or guardians of students. Retained data will never be used or sold for non-educational commercial or marketing purposes. Plume adheres to GDPR guidelines, providing the highest level of student privacy protection globally.

Supported Logins and User-Generated Content

Plume supports or will support login through educational platforms. Plume does not support login through social media accounts for students or teachers. Plume does not use user-generated content, whether from students or teachers. There is no social interaction between two users. Plume does not display traditional nor contextual advertisements.

What is Plume?

Plume is an AI-powered tool assisting teachers in enhancing the writing skills of 2nd-8th-grade students. Teachers sign up by entering their personal information, following which they can manage their students' progress from the dashboard. Students log into their individual student interface, which offers a range of exercises and feedback to enhance their writing skills at their own pace. Students can also sign in to their accounts from home using an individual code or link provided by their teachers.

Which Data?

The data collected by Plume includes: 1) the data provided by the teacher during sign-up and adding students, and 2) the data automatically collected by Plume. We will never ask a child to fill a form requesting personal information.

Your Rights and Our Commitments

Principle of Economy: We only collect data that is necessary for the use, design, and understanding of our product.
Principle of Information and Transparency: We are committed to clarity regarding our data collection and processing. This policy will evolve as per user queries and changes in Plume's features. Any changes to the privacy policy will be communicated via the email address you provided during sign-up.
For queries on data collected, services used, or processing performed, please contact our Data Protection Officer at [email protected].
Access, Portability, and Deletion of Data: As a teacher, you can retrieve or remove your or your students' personal data and stop the collection of personal data. Please send us an email from your registered email address to [email protected]. For security reasons, requests from other email addresses will be automatically rejected.
Teachers are responsible for forwarding any requests from parents concerning their child's personal data. In case a legal guardian withdraws consent, it is the teacher's responsibility to ensure their child no longer uses Plume."